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Estate Sales                

Our Estate Sales are in-home sales within the greater Roanoke, VA area.  We sell personal property during a 2-3 day sales event.

  • Estate Sales are an efficient way to clear a house of possessions and make it ready for sale.
  • Estate Sales are the most direct and profitable way to sell personal property to the general public.
  • Estate Sales are the best way to maximize the sales price for the most personal property found in a home.

Here's how an Estate Sale Works.

  1. Our estate sales are heavily promoted through our website, estate websites, e-mail list, and area specific classified newspaper advertisements.
  2. Our experience, research, and organization setting up and running estate sales, ensures a smooth house clearing transition.
  3. Our estate sales are conducted with respect and confidentiality.
  4. Our sales are secured and managed by our capable staff.
  5. Our  loyal buyers reliably attends our Estate Sales.
  6. Our Estate Sales are dependable and professional.
  7. Our policy is to include an estate sales report with your final statement, so you know exactly which items sold, and for how much.  
  8. Our service removes everything from a home after an estate sale, and leaves your home broom swept or vacuumed.

Online Auctions

We also offer online auctions on www.auctacity.com for smaller sales.  This is a quick way to clear the home for a small more common items.  This kind of sale will be conducted over a two week period to maximize the online exposure to reach a local, regional, and national audience.   

Give us a call at (540) 588-0800, and we will make every effort 

to answer every estate liquidation question.