Estate Liquidation Innovations, LLC

Estate Liquidation & Estate Sales

We are thoroughly and professionally  prepared to  focus our attention on serving your estate sales needs.

We offer services for residents in East Tennessee & Southwest Virginia and advise individuals and professionals in different parts of the state of Tennessee & Virginia on the best way to maximize the value of inherited personal property.

Here's a List Our Estate Sales Services:

Estate Sales:  We prepare, staff, and conduct on site estate sales and online estate auctions.

Auction Placement:  We research high value items and special       collections and place them with the appropriate auction house.

Estate Buy-Outs:  We provide our clients with a comprehensive estate liquidation buy-out service.

ELI combines each of the above services to effectively map out successful strategies which will place your valuables in estate sales markets where they will generate the highest returns.

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We Have a Proven Track Record and Know How To:

  • Clear the house of all the contents
  • Reach the right buyers
  • Sell valuables within the right timeframes
  • Generate the highest income possible

Our Commitment to You:
  • To obtain the maximum dollar each item in your estate deserves.
  • To discover any hidden value in items thought to have little or no value.
  • To provide clients with professional estate sales service.
  • To follow through on our pledge to act ethically and protect our clients interests.
  • To provide a smooth house clearing transition and solve the problems of how to organize, market, and sell personal property.